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Welcome to my little corner on creative budgeting.  At one point or another, most of us have had problems with our finances.  We have over extended ourselves and don't know how to fix the problem, without filing for bankruptcy.  There is nothing wrong with filing for bankruptcy, my husband and I had to do it, when we both lost our jobs and we had a baby.   It took us a few years to recover and we were doing really well, until the company my husband works with decided that they needed to cut hours.  Then my job decided they didn't need my teaching position anymore, so now I am a stay at home mom, which I love, but we have hit a little rough patch and I'm going to be sharing with you tips on how I keep us afloat and how we are able to save, even though we have a lot of debt again. 


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Intro to Finance

When people think of finance, they often think of Wall Street, which does make sense, but that is not what I am talking about. 

Finance is considered to be a broad term, because it can describe two related activities.  These activities are the study of how money is managed, and the actual process of acquiring needed funds.  Because there are three sections that all need funding to operate, finance is often separated into three subcategories: Personal Finance, Corporate Finance and Public Finance.  I will be discussing personal finance. 

Personal Finance is the handling of money.  It will involve all financial decisions and activities of an individual or household.  It encompasses the practice of earning, saving, investing, and of course spending.  The matters of personal finance include the purchasing of financial products, such as cred cards, life insurance, home insurance, care insurance, house payments and of course various investments in vehicles and other investments. 

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